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This custom context menu script allows you to add the option to immediately jump to the edit page of a highlighted (wiki) link when right-clicking it.

You can add these scripts by using the ContextMenu Extensions extension for Firefox. Once it is installed and Firefox is reopened, choose the "extensions" menu which should now appear in Firefox's menu set, and then select the item "preferences". Go to "custom scripts" and create a "new item" with whatever name you like (you could use the heading labels below for whichever script(s) you are adding). Then paste the code within the desired heading below (in the "Info" tab) and then under options, you may wish to select "Append to context menu" if you wish the feature to be readily available (you can change this under "context menu" preferences). You will probably want to keep only the "on Links" section highlighted since this script will only really be relevant when clicking on a link. Go back to the "Info" tab and click "ok". Then click to apply the changes (if this option is available) or you can hit ok to close the preferences dialog. If the edit wiki option doesn't show up in the context menu when you right-click (or control-click on a Mac) on a link, you may need to try this process again, as there seems to be some unresponsiveness by the extension at times, but it should eventually work.

Edit wiki (in same window)Edit

var a = _contextualURI

a = '' + a


Edit wiki (in new window)Edit

var a = _contextualURI

a = '' + a


Edit wiki (in new tab)Edit

var a = _contextualURI

a = '' + a


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