College Representatives is a community led revival of the abandoned College Reps program. (Until we can get somewhere "permanent", using steeler_fan's sfx blog[1]). Still in preliminary stages.

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Mission Statement Edit

College campuses have long been the breeding grounds for new ideas, loftier expectations and changes to cultural norms. With the large educated base population, the willingness to try new things, and a general attitude of innovation this population represents a unique demographic and as such, unique strategies apply to reaching them. SFX^College (Spread Firefox to the College, shown as SFXCollege) seeks to focus on this demographic and those strategies to evangelize Web Standards, Firefox, and other Open Source Software. Currently SFX^College is seeking Students and Administrators who have stories about how their school switched (or didn't).

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To do List Edit

  • Content
    • Posters (Possibly A Job for SFX's Graphics SWAT Team?)
      • Recreate a version of the Always Use Protection poster (result of the College Poster Contest) for independent printing/distribution? MoFo doesn't want to officially touch it, but that doesn't mean it has to die. :-) College Reps might be too official; underground work, anyone?
    • Flyers (Possibly A Job for SFX's Graphics SWAT Team?)
    • Letters
    • Switch Stories (Has your College/University Switched... Why did they switch, or why were you unable to get them to switch)
    • Impressive Images
      • Find Images from different Universities around the world showing Firefox flyers/posters
      • Find Images that show lots of non-technical students using Firefox
  • Layout
    • Finalize Header
    • Look at blocks
  • Technical
    • Software for (what do we want to run on the website: drupal, php+mysql, Plone?)
  • Other
    • Contact some Universities already using Mozilla to see if they have suggestions (e.g., University of Chicago)

Timeline Edit

It's quite obvious that we will not get this project launched before the end of the semester (going by my own, which ends April 30 :) ), but we will launch before the fall semester. Hopefully we can get it up and running by mid-August. From the IRC meeting we had, it looks like we will be given hosting/the subdomain, so that's not a problem. We need to focus our efforts on getting everything together by August. (This whole page is a WIP)