Fansites is a wiki-directory of the Mozilla fansites.


Fansites is a new venture for the Mozilla Community. The current goal of "Fansites" is to list all the major fansites that are helping spread firefox, which aren't actually run by the Mozilla Foundation. This was suggested in comment 18966:

"How about putting the list of these projects on the mozilla
materials wiki that you people run."


Currently we don't have many sites but would like to have each one be listed in the fansites category. To add a page to the category, edit the page you would like added and place the following line at the bottom of the page:


We know the list can grow rather large, so there's a bit of formatting rules. First, if you've got a named site, such as "Defending the fox", please make the website (excluding www) a redirect to the page, such as would have the line

#REDIRECT [[Defending the fox]]

to direct people to the right page easily. If there is a title conflict, it is advised to discuss the newer page (newer to the wiki, not to existence) as well as the older (to the wiki) page. This will probably not happen very often.