A Five Minute Challenge, initally created by Lachlan Hunt on Spread Firefox, is a flyer intended to guide a potential user through the biggest and best features in 5 minutes or less. Five minute challenges should not give detailed instructions on how these features work, but focus on their benefits to show how each meets the needs of the user.

The Firefox 5 Minute Challenge, code named the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Firefox as a tribute to Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe saga, was the first of these projects which incorporated the feedback from dozens of Spread Firefox volunteers to create images, stylesheets, page layout designs and an enormous number of translations in (currently) 19 different langauges. Each translation has been made available as both HTML and PDF format, and is arguably one of the most successful projects to come out of the Spread Firefox community.


For more information, see the 5 Minute Challenge index. This is a list of the translations and the name of the translator(s)

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