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Catchy PhrasesEdit

  • Take back darn near everything
  • German: "Einfach sicher im Internet - Alles in einem: Browser. E-Mail, Composer, Chat" (Translation: "Simply secure within the Internet - All in one: Browser, Email, Composer, Chat")
  • The all in one just got more - Corey Farwell
  • The seamonkey does it all -agendelman
  • Browse,email, chat and manage your addresses with seamonkey -agendelman
  • What can the seamonkey do? Everything! -agendelman
  • What's a seamonkey? -agendelman
  • Ask the seamonkey. He's got all the answers. -agendelman
  • SeaMonkey-Chuck Norris would use it. -Robert Poole
  • SeaMonkey - surfing the net has never been so suite! - Rich Gray
  • Get web, get SeaMonkey


Banners & ButtonsEdit

Avatars/Buddy IconsEdit

  • [1] - One AIM buddy icon
  • [2] -SeaMonkey Avatar (PNG forumat, 100x100)