Media Response is in the preliminary/planning stages. This project is in need of people with excellent writing skills (journalists, professional writers, eloquent members of the public, etc.) for both drafting and proofing responses. Additionally, once we have a writing team assembled and a MO established we will need the community of FF users to find and post (links/references/pdfs(?)/etc.) press releases/articles that put both a positive and negative spin on FF to which responses should be written. The main objective of this project is to counter negative and misleading materials being released to the public.


Media Response has the singular goal of responding to press coverage of FF. This project is not meant to be a comprehensive collection of articles but rather a call to action for the community. A large effort is put into countering negative, and misleading materials in the press, while not ignoring positive press coverage of FF and the FF community.


The only way to express interest/volunteer at the current time is to post on the following weblog:

Active ParticipantsEdit

Case studies Edit

Here we can list example response letters.

Call to armsEdit

Have you found an article on the net which you want someone to write a response to? Need help or analysis of whether an article is reasonable. Add a link on this section.