Originally posted in the Marketing Ideas forum, Robby Richards proposed a "Motor Sports Marketing Project", which involved getting "Firefox Racing" and "Mozilla Racing Team" shirts and other gear sold at motor events and via their website. Under his new name richardsracing, a blog post was created asking for some assistance with a few key points:

  • Anyone interested in purchasing a Firefox Racing t-shirt, hat, etc. please send me an email at
  • Web developers who would be interested in donating their time and skills to put together our "Firefox Racing" team web site.
  • Marketing assistance to get the word out about the team and where people can buy Firefox Racing shirts, etc. We would love to be able to create an opt-in email campaign to spread the word among those of your who would like to follow the race team.
  • Ideas and thoughts on how my race team can reach out to Firefox supporters to ask them to get behind the motor sports marketing campaign. It is up to us to work together to utilize the worldwide reach of our racing series to build further support for Firefox and Mozilla.

However, on December 6, 2004, the project seemed to come to an abrupt end with Sorry Folks, No Dice and a statement about lack of cooperation from the Mozilla Foundation. However, a comment posted December 3 by Gerv of the Mozilla Licensing team remains unanswered, asking if Robbie could re-submit his email for review as it had been lost. The status is still unknown.

As of March 10, 2005, this project is currently dead.

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