January 24, 2005Edit

Operation EvangelismEdit

After seeing yet another post about failed emails to corporations, I had this idea so I thought I'd drop it where the community could respond in kind. Essentially, a webpage to groupthink emails before they're sent, and track how the company is doing afterward. (Perhaps work with DTF too?) I've posted my thoughts/ideas on the talk page, please add to it your thoughts. Thanks! --Me at work 17:42, 24 Jan 2005 (PST)

January 23, 2005Edit

Logo contestEdit

We're working on getting a new logo. As we currently haven't gotten explicit permission to use the Mozilla name in our domain, as well as I haven't asked yet for permission to use Mozilla in our logo (sorry, I plan to when I get my domain response), I can't guarantee any logos with the word mozilla or the mozilla images will get in. Don't let that stop you from making logos, just keep the source files in case of changes. Thanks!

Update: I have recently received a response from Licencing. Apparently they have too much mail (or something) and decided to do a mass response stating that they will not be getting back to us for a while, as they are writing up a new document. As this will probably still not affect us at all, as it will (likely) still say to "ask if you use mozilla in the domain", this just delays things further. I have no idea how this will turn out, but we can only hope it will turn out alright.

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