The Wikipedia Extension for Firefox also allows usage on other MediaWikis, such as Mozilla Community and Wikia.

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This page was written regarding the latest stable version of the Wikipedia Extension,, available here. While beta versions may work, we have not yet tested them or explored their features. Brave souls who use the latest Beta are asked to add information to this page under a section for the beta.

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Once you have installed the bar and restarted Firefox, you will see a new toolbar appear on your screen. As the toolbar currently cannot dynamically detect the url for the wiki you are on (this only affects the "W" menu which links to main Wiki pages), we will first add the Mozilla Community as a "User Defined Wiki".

Click the W menu, go to the Toolbar > subdirectory, and select Options. Under "Userdefined MediaWikis", click the "Add" button. For the title, input Mozilla Community, and for the URL, input The last / is important, as all 'in site' urls are appended to the end of this base url.

If you are like me and don't like the bar showing up on all websites, go to the "Show" tab, and select the radio button "Only when URL contains:", which by default has the word "wiki", which is fine for this.

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Select the words "Wikipedia (en)" and choose from the dropdown menu the text "Mozilla Community". Be warned: doing so by default takes you to the homepage of the wiki. If you dislike this action, go to the Options menu again and under the Show tab, uncheck "Load homepage on changing active wiki".

Now that you have selected the right wiki, please feel free to explore the many pages of the wiki available, as this lists all the special pages and such. But that's only part of the use, the real use is in editing. You have options available to add links, to bold and italicize text. Additional options (available from the Av dropdown menu) allow you to do things like underline or strikeout. I invite you to visit the sandbox and play around with the toolbar there.

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