Our Future Planet is a non-profit online project (Registered Charity no. 1124332), aimed to be the first to design a fundamentally new planetary system [1]. It is a first independent organisation that encourages its members to take an active part in the design of their future planet, by allowing anyone to start petitions and actions.


Created by Karl Jaeger, founder of the International School of America [2] in 2007, Our Future Planet has been actively supporting “citizens” in the expression of their views on the future of the planet and sponsoring petitions. Most popular actions include the global Planetary Population Partnership and the OFP Family System aimed to decrease the population on Earth. By 2008, Our Future Planet had over 300 active members.

Initially focused on four main areas: Population, Education, Transportation and Sustainable Economics, Our Future Planet now has a “Globe of Ideas” including 50 discussion topics ranging from war to religion. [3].

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