The Phoenix Fox Project Edit

After nearly 4 months of planning, beta releases, edits and goodness knows what else the Phoenix Fox Project has arrived. The project is, you guessed it, for spreading Firefox. It has 3 main aims, these are:

  1.  To provide easy to use guides on how to quickly; download, install, and get started with the Mozilla Firefox Browser.
  2. To explain why people should stop using Microsoft Internet Explorer and get Mozilla Firefox.
  3. To encourage schools world wide to get Mozilla Firefox and help them with setting Mozilla Firefox up on a school network.

The project also has a lot of other aims but I wont bore you with them now. This site is the first of its kind. No really, it is! This is the first time schools world wide are being targeted and if the children like and use it the parents wont be that far behind. Of course the projects other two aims are for every one we feel that the third is the most important.

The main site, located at, only accommodates the first two aims, this is because the third is more difficult to implement. The project will shortly be creating a new section for the third.

Enjoy the new site and continue to spread Firefox!

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