Plugins are programs that allow websites to provide content to you and have it appear in your browser. Examples of Plugins are Flash, RealPlayer, and Java.

Where to Download?Edit

A list of Firefox compatible plugins can be found at the following link:

Available PluginsEdit

Adobe ReaderEdit

For viewing and printing Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files


Macromedia Flash Player is the universal rich client for delivering effective Macromedia Flash experiences across desktops and devices.


The Java Runtime Environment enables your computer to run applications and applets that use Java technology.


QuickTime Player is an easy-to-use application for playing, interacting with or viewing video, audio, VR or graphics files.


RealPlayer enables your computer to play streaming RealVideo and RealAudio.


Shockwave Player displays Web content that has been created by Macromedia Director.

Windows Media PlayerEdit

RealPlayer lets you play streaming audio, video, animations, and multimedia presentations on the web.

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Before You InstallEdit

Close Firefox before installing pluginsEdit

Firefox should be closed before running any plugin installation programs, as existing files may be overwritten during the installation process.

Close Quick Launch before installing pluginsEdit

If you have Quick Launch enabled on Windows, you will also need to close it prior to installing plugins. If you are installing several plugins, you may wish to disable it until you are finished. To do this, right-click in the Quick Launch icon in your taskbar, and select the appropriate option (Close or Disable).

Checking which plugins you have installedEdit

To check what plugins you have installed from the Options menu (Tools -> Options -> Downloads -> Plugins).

Using XPInstall to install pluginsEdit

Some plugins are available as XPInstall packages (XPIs). Where XPIs are available, it is recommended you use them as they often install the plugin completely automatically. After the XPI has finished installing, you should restart your browser.

XPInstall for plugins works for Firefox releases up to and including Firefox 0.8.

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Uninstalling PluginsEdit

Mozilla Firefox looks for plugins under the Mozilla profiles directory instead of it's own profiles directory. If you want to remove a plugin for Mozilla Firefox, but not Mozilla, you will have to relocate it to the plugins directory of your Mozilla installation (Bug 172891).


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