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Firefox Usage Tracking Edit

So what do we do to count usage and users? I have a couple of suggestions. The first is that we create a project where we track all of the mainstream market share estimates and attempt to build some kind of "average" across those numbers. If we can graph the growth, as measured by a half dozen or so major measures, I think we'll be able to get a fairly good idea about our usage statistics. Some good starting points would be OneStat, Web Side Story, The Counter, Net Applications. Are there other big ones?

Another great project would be to track usage in particular categories, like weblogs for example. One area we could track would be the tech-oriented and other major websites like and c|net who occasionally publish usage statistics. Most of the top few hundred weblogs have publicly accessible counters with rough browser metrics. This certainly wouldn't be generally applicable, but it's would be great to watch our trends even for these niche categories. -- Asa 13315

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