This is a directory of Firefox marketing projects, many of them initiated by community members, which may become featured on the SFX frontpage. Please help maintain this listing, but respect the alphabetical order and format of the directory.

If you'd like to start your own project, check out SFX:Projects Startup. If you just have an idea but no real "Project" yet, post it on SFX:Possible Projects. If you have more information on the history or future of a project, please contribute it to the wiki pages listed below. Firefox Team
A group of participants in the project who've banded together into a Spread Firefox team. Spreading Firefox while modeling climate: help to make our planet a better place.
College Representatives
A community led revival of the abandoned College Reps program. Still in preliminary stages. Feedback
A project to encourage Firefox fans to rate and review Firefox on
Firefox S5
A community project to create a Firefox presentation slide show in S5 format.
The Firemonger project is dedicated to providing an easy to use CD which contains the latest versions of Firefox and Thunderbird.
Five Minute Challenge
A flyer intended to guide a potential user through the biggest and best features of Firefox in 5 minutes or less.
Folding@Home Team Firefox
Spreading Firefox while folding proteins with the Folding@Home project to help research on diseases and better understanding of how proteins fold.
Spreading Firefox Guidebook
This guide will summarise everything we know about how to spread Firefox so that someone new to the idea can read it and get to promoting Firefox quickly and effectively. It will include suggested projects and links to the best materials on the internet for getting people using Firefox.
Mambo Spread Firefox
Aims to create a site similar to Spread Firefox, but using the Mambo engine.
Media Response
The page to place details about responding to false reporting about Firefox in the media.
Mosaic Image
A large photomosaic image of webpages merged together to form the Firefox logo, showing the interconnectedness between Firefox and the web.
Mozilla Materials
The place for all official marketing assets with links to unofficial assets. It may also act as a staging area for content that may end up on, as well as a place for planning and collaboration.
Community designed and managed resources and tools for the Mozilla community.
Standardized Letters
A series of standardized letters people can use as a starting point to write letters to a variety of institutions, encouraging the use of Firefox.
Stats Tracking
Stats Tracking or User Agent Statistics, is an SFX project started by Alan Rowe based on an idea from Asa.

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