If you're interested in turning a possible project into a full fledged project, then this is the page for you.

Creating your first page Edit

See also: wikia:Help:New page

Some people have been confused, thinking that it's best to create a placeholder for their page with no actual related content. There's a much better way. We recommend you create a stub article, or an article with a brief blurb about what the project is. Please include the {{proj-stub}} marker, which enables others to find your project stub easier. For more information on stubs, check out Wikipedia:Find or fix a stub.

To create the page, just put the page name in the box over to the left that says "Wikia", hit "Go", and click "create an article with this title". Alternatively, type it out after the /wiki/ part of the URL in your address bar, spaces will be automatically converted to underscores and other marks will also be converted.

Organizing Edit

Traditionally, the way to organize a page is to put a little blurb at the top about the project so people can figure out if they want to read more. Then you can explain more fully the goals of the project, as well as how to get involved. Usually other things would be listed too, such as creating and submitting designs for Firefox S5 or soliciting help doing Stats Tracking. It's suggested to view these pages before embarking on the long and perilous journey of creating your own.

Listing it Edit

Make sure to add [[Category:SFX Projects]] to the bottom of the page, as well as adding it (with short blurb) to SFX:Projects List. Although I'd prefer just using the category, the list seems to be a fan favorite.

Creating subpages Edit

Sometimes a page's section gets too long. For Firefox S5, that was the designs section. They were moved to Firefox S5:Designs and the old section now states that a user would need to check there. This seems to work out well. It's suggested to create a short blurb at the top of subpages, which happens to include a link back to the main page.

MediaWiki Formatting Edit

We suggest using wikia:Help:Tutorial to learn how to edit pages and do magical things. We also suggest use of the Wikipedia Extension, as it facilitates easier page editing via a quick toolbar.

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