For the Record is an SFX project designed to respond to press statements about Firefox.

History Edit

For the Record originally started as a forum of the same name. After an article mis-stated the length of time it took Firefox to achieve 1,000,000 downloads, Asa attempted to revive for the record in node 14314.

How to help Edit

Some of the ways of helping...choose which method apeals to you.


"For The Record" is an ever ongoing project. From the minute you see an article and say "Well that's not right" your part of the team. When you come to Spread Firefox and say "Hey guess what I seen today on the internet" your already part of the team. I think you get the point...


"For the Record" is geared toward correcting as well as rewarding particular instances that are reported/discovered by the press and media in response to Firefox. The ideology behind this is to use the Firefox community to act as a recognition platform for the certain articles that may appear before

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