FANDOM, or CPDN, is a distributed computing project to run large-scale climate modeling. It is run by a number of universities in Europe including Oxford University in England. It was launched on September 12, 2003 and has had the most data of any climate modeling program.

It currently offers a Windows "classic" client and Windows, Linux and Mac OS X clients on the BOINC distributed computing framework.

On September 26, 2004, the team "Spread Firefox" was created for CPDN [1]. It is the first distributed computing team created for spreading Firefox (there are other Mozilla-related teams, but not SFX-related, e.g. MozillaZine). Clearly this has inspired the creations of other teams, such as (ordered by time of creation) SETI@home, Folding@Home, LHC@home, Einstein@Home,, Pirates@Home, Predictor@home, and BURP. To distinguish the team from others that bear the same name, "SFX@CP.NET" can be used.

The member count increased quickly when one of our blog posts was listed on the SFX homepage [2]. After that, the team was doing well and in less than 2.5 months the team managed to become the second most productive team (and it still is the second now).

Unfortunately, the team dropped to fourth place in July 2005, and looks set to drop to fifth soon.

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