Many companies provide skins for programs to do with their product, so I think it's time Firefox takes the same approach.

The aim of this project is too make the Firefox logo so common over the world, on different application, people recognize it; perhaps as an international brand.


Try skinning Firefox skins for Winamp using a method of your choice or maybe create a StyleXP style or a WindowsBlinds skin. You could do it for any program from MSN Messenger to the devil itself, IE!

Then post it to the relevant sites such as DeviantArt or Manafactures who encourage users to skin will probably have thier own database for you to post the skins on.

It may also be worth a shot to post it on

Once you've made a skin put a relevant URL and add a timestamp below. Follow the syntax Skin Name|Program|Skin Type (if applicable)|URL | Timestamp.

Feel free to review skins in the sub-section of the below

Firefox SkinsEdit

Spread the Fox | Winamp | Classic | |

Peer ReviewEdit

Don't review your own work, nor let your relationship with writer effect your review. Don't use any obscene language, and try to make it creative criticism.

Please put the name of what you're reviewing 2 lines above the review. Thank you.

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