Why to write "France" beside "French"? The french translations are made by me, from Québec, Canada. I don't want to write "Canada" in place of "France", but I believe there's no localization to do here. The written French is the same everywhere we speak french...

Pourquoi écrire "France" à côté de "French"? Les traductions françaises sont faites par moi, du Québec, au Canada. Je ne veux pas replacer "France" par "Canada", mais je crois qu'il n'y a pas de localisation à faire ici. Le français écrit est le même partout où l'on parle français...

--Benoît Pruneau 03:35, 21 Jul 2005 (UTC)

The point is to keep to standard naming conventions. Every localisation of Firefox also has that - for example the Afrikaans is af-ZA (Afrikaans - South Africa). First a language code and then a country code.

The reason for that is because there are different dialects, and this eliminates the need to have different language codes for each dialect.

I feel it is better if the labels of the names just reflect this. Since I'm not Canadian, I wouldn't know what Canadian French is, but in Africa there are also some French-speaking countries with distinct dialects that might require separate translations.

In South Africa, we also have our own dialect of English, however we just use the United Kingdom English since that's the closest to our own (in reality the people that created those translations are Lachlan (Australia) and me (South Africa)). I think the people in Canada would prefer the US versions. It doesn't really matter where you come from, it's just a naming convention.

Since I didn't know where you hail from, I just added "France" at the back. If you think the Canadian dialect might be slightly different from the "normal" French feel free to change it to "Canada".

I'll rather mark the translations right from the start as this even though there might only be one dialect listed because I got some Belgian Dutch translations and it's important that the rest of the Dutch know this is nl-BE and not nl-NL otherwise the flyers might look funny to them.

--Charl van Niekerk 21 July 2005

Corrections in the Spanish flyer Edit

"Disfrute de características como navegación..." change to "Disfrute de características tales como navegación..."

"Descarguelo" change to "Descárguelo"

Last paragraph change to "La Fundación Mozilla es una organización no lucrativa de código abierto (not "fuente libre"), creada y mantenida por la comunidad para preservar la innovación (not "inovación" y la libertad de elección en internet (not "en el internet")."


QUESTION How do I submit a Chinese translation of the flyer? I can use photoshop to edit the flyer, but where shall I send it to? Please let me know,