Try Firefox ( is a Firefox fansite that promotes Firefox to potential new users and provides ideas and materials for current users to promote to others.

Since a non-user of Firefox is very unlikely to find this site on their own, the most probable way a non-user will find this site is through a link from a site they already visit. So, a link would be very helpful.

Aim Edit

This site aims to promote Firefox in a professional and polished presentation. It aims to promote to new users and experienced ones alike, avoiding "jargon".

Core Attractions Edit

  • Why? - gives reasons to persuade users to try, and hopefully use Firefox.
  • Promote - gives ideas for current users to promote [Firefox] to others. Hopefully, promotional materials (posters, banners) will be coming soon.
  • Web Forgeries/Phishing - aims to educate users about the threat of "phishing" attacks, at the same time promoting Firefox. This page will tout Firefox 2's anti-phishing functionality, once it is released to the general public.

Outstanding Tasks Edit

These are tasks that someone could help me with. If you are able to help with any of the following tasks, e-mail me at edjackiel AT gmail DOT COM.

  • Translating the site into languages other than English. Babelfish, Google Translate, and other automatic translation services are quite inadequate and unacceptable. This task really requires someone's help. E-mail me at edjackiel AT gmail DOT COM for details.

Webmaster Edit

This site was founded by myself, Jackie Liu and run in my spare time. I can be reached at edjackiel AT gmail DOT COM. My main website can be found at the root of my web hosting account at

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