iPhone Slideshow Maker is a super easy to use free slideshow maker for iPhone and other devices. Get this free photo slideshow maker to make slideshow movie from your favorite photos&videos and transfer to your new iPhone to enjoy anywhere. The created photo slideshow could also be uploaded to video hosting website, say youtube and embed into myspace, blogger and website. The following is a guide to using iPhone Slideshow Maker to create slideshow movie and embed anywhere you want. == Steps == # [[Image:Iphone.jpg|thumb|Create slideshow in 3 steps]]'''[ Get the Program]'''. After download this free slideshow maker, install it by following instructions described in readmefirst.txt file, which contain the register name and code. When installation finished, run the program and you will see the polished and user-friendly guided interface. # '''Add photo&video'''. All popular photo formats and video formats are supported. Just click first button on top to add media files. # '''Add background music'''. Background files are crucial to an excellent photo slideshow. This free photo slideshow maker supports multiple music files(up to 128) as background sound. Background songs in *.mp3, *.wav, *.wma are both supported. # '''Make output settings'''. First, specify where to output your slideshow movie for iphone. Second, select desired video resolution. Third, select audio sample rate. iPhone Slideshow Maker do the rest for you. # '''Save slideshow movie'''. Click Start button and wait sometime patiently for your compelling photo slideshow. # '''Ready for iPhone'''. After finished, the destination folder will open by default. Now this free photo slideshow is ready for your iphone. == Tips == === Transition Effects === * Transition Effect is the animation between two adjacent slides(photos). * iPhone Slideshow Maker contains 100+ 2D and 3D transition effect. To specify transition effect, click the thumbnail between two slide and select favorite transition in the resulting dialog box. === Motion Effects === * Motion Effects are also known as Ken-Burns Effect, allowing you to Zoom/Pan photo&video while playing. * To specify motion effect, click the pentagram on top of thumbnail and select favorite motion in the pop-up dialog box. === Video Settings === * Resolution is the measure of video size in pixel for digital video. In iPhone Slideshow Maker, you have 6 options and the max is 480x320. * Sample Rate provides two options: Radio and CD quality. The latter is better than the former. === Youtube Tips === *To autoplay youtube video when you open myspace profile, add '''&autoplay=1''' to the end of URL for both == Things You'll Need == *Your digital photos; *Free photo slideshow maker - iPhone Slideshow Maker *YouTube ID (Free to register) *Your favorite music == External Links == * [ Download free slideshow maker] * [ Youtube Slideshow Movie Sample] * [ How to burn photo slideshow to DVD] [[Category:Blog posts]]

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